International Talent Resources Inc. (ITR) is a privately owned company that has been in operation since its conception in June of 1992. The cornerstone of ITR's longevity is our friendly, professional relationship that we develop and maintain with each client and each candidate. Comprehensive interviews, technical and reference checks are implemented to ensure the most stringent of quality standards are upheld to determine the validity of the credentials and the credibility of the candidates to the advantage of the client.

ITR’s organizational culture is reflected by its dedication to offer both clients and candidates the highest level of Executive Recruitment and Selection Services possible. Its vision of exploring opportunities and implementing new technologies enable ITR to advance and adapt with the evolving needs of each client within their own specific business development. We fulfill the clients’ requirements efficiently and effectively with the highest optimum success rate. ITR’s rapport with clients reflects a strong commitment to customer service that is reflected in ITR’s values of integrity, honesty and reliability.


ITR is an innovative company that strives to explore new ways of expanding the company’s growth by creating partnerships with professional and elite firms. These strategic alliances allow us to offer a wide range of solutions and products to all of our customers. International Talent Resources Inc. complies with local, provincial and federal regulations.

ITR also follows a code of ethics and standards. Our company also adheres to a Non-Solicitation Clause. This states that we as the Placement Agency will not contact, recruit, or solicit any employee of our clients. Therefore ITR., ensures that confidentiality will be upheld in accordance with the terms specified by our clients.


ITR processes candidates' Personal Data for the following purposes: job placement services, staff administration, statistics and for accounts and records. Personal data pertaining to candidates may be transferred to clients, relevant to the services that we are providing. You can obtain further information about our Privacy Policy and TERMS & CONDITIONS OF USE of this website by emailing us at