SAS Admin


Location: Brampton, ON
Rate: 6 month Contract

Job Description:
· Install and configure software, documenting all details for the Build-Book.
· Firm understanding of the capabilities of the SAS analytical procedures with experience troubleshooting issues.
· Install and configure non-production and production server SAS software, and troubleshooting including all remediation required for successful completion of software install.
· Configure database access engines for all data sources and validate access engine configurations.
· Perform health-checks & monitoring post migration and identify any required remediation efforts.
· Document all data sources and data requirements by User and/or Group based on object inventory.
· Support performance testing of the environments.
· Support SAS users and perform daily tasks such as job scheduling, monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation.
· Client software installations to test end-to-end connectivity.
· SAS Admin function to create users, do maintenance work on the SAS servers and support the migration of SAS models from desktop to centralized server.
· Troubleshoot SAS log and analyze SAS issues.
· Experience using SAS Management Console (SMC) including Creating Users / Groups / Roles.
· Design and configure SAS metadata structures
· Experience with the structuring of SAS Metadata
· Experience with Base SAS
· Experience with Visual Analytics
· Strong knowledge in UNIX environment.